Rereading Job for Holy Week 2021 and this perfectly reflects my musings on the mysterious Elihu in Chapters 32-37.

Orthodox Christian Theology

Is Elihu a young punk or man of God?

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The traditional view of Elihu is pretty negative. St. Gregory the Great views Elihu as young and arrogant, speaking wrongly on many things. Aquinas views his speeches a little better: Elihu is not as not as wrong as the friends. John Piper points out how one modern commentator described Elihu’s speeches as cruel, cold, detached, crass, trite, perfectionist, vain.

Since the Reformation, many have begun speculating that “Elihu” is the author of the book. Matthew Henry considered this view (after all, he would be young enough to outlive Job and record all that happened to him, plus he would have witnessed all the occurrences of the story.) Further, modern textual critics speculate that he was the editor/redactor of an earlier, perhaps Pagan, book

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